拱顶内别有洞天的茶世界——THÉ LATITUDE茶岚地

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茶岚地位于夫子庙步行街内,是NA-DECO那漠含风设计和THÉ LATITUDE茶岚地携手打造的南京首家风味茶精品店,不同于传统中国茶行,THÉ LATITUDE茶岚地更加强调“世界茶”概念,在世界各地精心挑选好茶,并结合欧洲先进的调茶工艺制作出口感温柔而精致的风味茶。精品店的室内设计具有独特的异域风情,告别中国茶行的古板印象,为当下的年轻人提供更时尚而优雅的购茶体验,更愉悦地了解“世界茶”。

The project, THÉ LATITUDE, is situated at Fuzimiao Walking Street, a renowned tourist spot in Nanjing, China. Different from traditional Chinese tea stores, it's the first flavored tea boutique in the local area, which emphasizes the concept of "Tea from the World", carefully selects the finest tea worldwide, and utilizes advanced European tea flavoring techniques to make mild yet delicate tea. Entrusted with the project, NA-DECO created an exotic atmosphere in the interior space, which breaks the stereotype of traditional Chinese tea stores, provides young people with more fashionable and elegant shopping experience and allows them to know about tea from all over the world in a more pleasant way. 




The overall space is long and narrow, merely 3 meters in width, with a high ceiling, which may easily give people an oppressive feeling. In order to adjust the spatial scale, the designers drew inspirations from stone-cave houses in Cappadocia and added vaults to the space. Besides, they clad the junction area between the walls and the vaults with mirrors. Precisely cut and seamlessly installed, the mirrors visually extend the vaults towards the sides, making the upper space appear to be more open and creating the illusion that there is another enchanting world beyond the walls. Referring to Cappadocia's stone-cave houses, the ceiling and walls were finished with beige plaster. Its soft color and rich textures, combined with the hidden lighting, set a classic tone within the space. 




销售空间分割为两个区域,前区陈列当季热销茶品,内区陈列经典茶品以及茶具等。两个区域中央分别放置一个黑色六边形中岛,用来陈列一些限量的礼品套装,并能够有效地引导人流。右侧主货架悬挂在墙面上,将小空间内的陈设处理地很轻盈,货架选用古老的胡桃木色,整体线条简洁明快,金属条镶嵌于接缝处,抽屉上配有经典悬挂式拉手,门板上用斜向排列的半圆形木条进行装饰(直径两厘米的,每条之间相隔两毫米,角度为45°),由经验极为丰富的工匠手工制作完成,效果准确精致,不仅是室内设计的品质表现,更是THÉ LATITUDE茶岚地打造百年品牌的匠心所在。主货架巧妙融合了怀旧与现代,这使得上面所陈列的产品也有了自己的性格,宛如饱经岁月后看起来淡定而美丽的女子。

The sales space was divided into two areas, with the front area displaying the hot-selling tea products in season and the back area setting classic tea and tea ware out. At the middle of both areas, a black island counter was placed to display limited gift sets and guide the flow of customers. The main shelf on the right side was hung on the wall, making the narrow space light and flexible. It has a dark walnut color as well as clear and clean lines on the whole, with art-deco-style hanging pull handles  and metal bars embedded in seams. The shelf door panels were decorated with half-round wood sticks (with a diameter of 2 cm), which were obliquely and orderly arranged, with a distance of 2 mm between each and an inclination of 45 degrees. Those wood sticks were handmade by experienced craftsmen, precise yet delicate, which enhance the exquisiteness of the interior space and also show THÉ LATITUDE's ingenuity to create a long-lasting brand. In short, the main shelf subtly combines the classical and modern, endowing the products displayed on it with sophisticated characters.




在雇主与设计师的共同商讨之下,紫色成为了THÉ LATITUDE茶岚地的品牌色,不仅用于部分产品包装上,而且大胆地使用在了室内空间。紫色所代表的自信、浪漫、经典非常契合品牌所倡导的“优雅地喝茶”的新风尚。地面小砖上定制了具有东方味道的祥云图案,层层叠叠的弧形正好呼应着上方连续延伸的拱顶,从门口铺一直铺设到内区边缘,使空间更增添了一份温暖和异域。

Based on discussion, the client and the design team decided to choose purple as the brand color of THÉ LATITUDE, which was not only used on the packaging of some tea products but also boldly applied to the interior design. Purple is usually a synonym for "confident, romantic and classic", which fits in well with the new concept of "Drinking Tea in an Elegant Manner" advocated by THÉ LATITUDE. The floor tiles feature a pattern of Chinese-style auspicious clouds, with the densely-arranged arches echoing the vaults above. Paved from the entrance to the rim of the back area, those tiles add a warm and exotic ambience to the space.





中国拥有世界上最悠久的喝茶历史,但时下喝茶的习惯主要集中于中老年男性,THÉ LATITUDE茶岚地用独特的茶品形式以及设计语言,希望将喝茶的习惯渗透到更年轻的消费群体中,让中国茶文化更多元、更有趣。店铺开业后,我们欣喜地收到客户的反馈,消费者中,年轻女性与外籍人士为主要构成部分,这与我们定位年轻市场、传播中国茶文化的设计初衷甚是相符。

China boasts the longest tea-drinking history in the world, but currently tea drinkers are mostly middle-aged and old males. With unique product forms and design language, THÉ LATITUDE hopes to integrate tea-drinking into younger consumers' daily life and make Chinese tea culture more diversified and interesting. Since opening, it has been widely lauded by customers, mainly consisting of young females and foreigners, which is a delightful response to the market positioning and design goals.





张宇帆与哈达于2015年一同成立了NA-DECO那漠含风设计。这是一间年轻而又拥有独特设计基因的工作室,致力于持续创造功能艺术化的空间体验。 他们极佳的审美眼光源自从小的艺术环境,哈达父亲是一位雕塑家,张宇帆母亲则狂热于舞蹈。二位的相似之处从大学开始显现,他们并没有传承上辈的艺术领域,而大胆地报考了商科,哈达毕业于对外经济贸易大学工商管理专业,而张宇帆毕业于中央戏剧学院影视制片管理专业。毕业后,二位在艺术背景和学术背景上的融合产生了戏剧性的结果,他们并没有选择更贴近专业的工作,而开始探索艺术在商业和生活中的特殊表现——空间设计。共同的爱好也使他们走到了一起。 与他们异乎寻常的经历一样,他们的创作同样被赋予了很多想象和挑战。二位摒弃单一的思维路径,希望在满足基本需求之余融合更多元的体验,在精确的空间结构中融入更多矛盾的艺术层次,古老与现代、丰富与简约、浪漫与现实。他们投入大量的理性分析和艺术感知,而每次的尝试都在项目呈现时得到很好的印证,空间中处处细节都能琴瑟和鸣,和谐共存。













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